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How Social Media Marketing helps Businesses

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Let’s travel back to the era when there were no phones. We lived without the internet. No social media, no online websites, only the offline modes of business were available. Every businessman relied only upon advertisements on television. They spent plenty of money on advertisements. Yet there were very few people who could connect with it.

Then there was a time when there was the use of the internet but it was not in reach of every person. The use was limited. Now let’s come to the present. We can’t imagine our lives without the internet now. Everything is just a click away, so is marketing. Social media has taken over traditional marketing methods and has become a world in itself. Social media marketing uses social media platform and websites to promote a product. They establish a virtual community which allows the users to express their needs and values. These websites then connect the people sharing a common interest. As social media has reduced the size of the world, companies are now easily connected with their followers. Using social media, we can recommend any brand or a product using tweets and blogs. Using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, companies or brands can now interact with the customers, which has made business easier. Even we as an individual can start up a business by creating business accounts and then by adding stories, IGTV videos and pictures, the brand can be promoted. This helps in increasing the brand awareness, increase community and lead the generation.

How Social Media Marketing Helps Business - Chitrakaar Designs
How Social Media Marketing Helps Business – Chitrakaar Designs

From trendy clothes to medicines and from redecorating the house to selling the house, everything can be done on social media. The people who feared setting up a business are now going ahead using social media. Those who didn’t have time for offline shopping can now do it from the comforts of their home using online shopping applications. Online shopping has plenty of brands and options available for a product which we can choose conveniently according to our needs. And if in case we received an item which does not fit our requirement then there is also an option available for easy exchange and return. Hence, in this manner, online shopping is completing the needs of customer satisfactorily and making online shopping a more reliable option for common people.

Let me ask you all! Have you encountered advertisements while surfing on social media? These are pop-up advertisements which help a user to know more about any brand or services and that’s what social media does. It highlights your brand to different parts of the globe. All you have to do is to choose the right platform for your business. Make attractive videos using TikTok, post-Snapchat stories, post videos on YouTube, and by updating your account on daily basis. LinkedIn is also an application where you can show your qualifications and experiences. According to which the company hires you based on your skills.

Social media has changed the viewpoint of every netizen. It has allowed women to come up with their ideas and kick off their business. There are many Instagram handles which are being operated by women. Using social media they have become financially independent. They can now work from home while looking after their homes. They are also emerging as a great businesswoman by capitalizing what is in trend.

Social media has also served as a platform where we can promote different food items. The food that we used to have stood on the streets is now available online. In just one go you can have tasty pizzas and burgers with your friends without moving out of your doors. This has created more opportunities for the world to grow.

Even in this pandemic when everything was at pause, social media grew as the mode of marketing and helped people across the globe to continue work from home. Education got digitalized. Still, every student is studying online. Teachers across the world are using YouTube as their source to work and earn. Placements are done online now. There are many e-libraries which help a student to find the books of their interest. This also reduced the cost of buying books for the ones who could not afford.

You would be amazed to know that even the top-ranked Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Mumbai, conducted its convocation ceremony using victual-reality technology. They created teacher’s and student’s e-avatars where students received their certificates. This was the most innovative approach. Not only this, now we can reach anywhere in the city just by booking online cabs which have also created employment. People can choose cabs of their interest and can travel safely and keeping in mind the situation in which we have to maintain social distance, this was necessary. This has also grown because of social media. So, if we make good use of social media it can be the means of earning. When COVID-19 stopped everything, these social media were still on. It could not stop them from working.

Thus, social media marketing has proved to be a great startup. It has helped the companies to stay connected with their people and know their wants and needs. It has reduced the world to the size of your hands. Social media marketing is the only marketing in which companies create a buzz and they can influence them using social media to change their thinking process. With the time everything is getting digital which is igniting bright minds and making India innovative and I think it’s great that way!

Social Media Image - Chitrakaar Designs
Social Media Image – Chitrakaar Designs

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